Pack of utilities for mail servers

MsgCore is an Internet mail server and brings both SMTP and POP3 capabilities to your Microsoft Windows�. Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) is an internet protocol by which mail is exchanged on the Internet. Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) is a later addition that allows mail servers to hold mail for clients, allowing Internet mail to become a client/server affair. Mail clients use SMTP to send outgoing mail to MsgCore. Mail clients use POP3 to ask MsgCorel for incoming mail.

MsgCore can be used as an in-house mail server with no connection to the Internet. In this configuration, it serves to hold and pass mail for local users. The real power of MsgCore, however, comes from the ability to connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and pass mail to and from the larger world. MsgCore will work with either a dedicated Internet connection, which is always present, or a dial-up Internet connection, such as a SLIP, PPP, or PPPoE connection that comes and goes. MsgCore allows an unlimited number of users, mailboxes and mailing lists.



MsgCore 3.02